Bailes & Co., P.C. offers a full range of consulting and litigation support services for complex financial litigation. The chart to the right provides a brief glimpse of the types of litigation disputes in which our staff has provided professional damage opinions, reports and expert testimony as part of our engagement.

Litigation Support Chart

Expert Witness

A CPA often serves as either an expert witness or as a consultant. Expert witnesses and CPA consultants are often used in divorces, business dissolutions, economic losses, contract breaches, partner disputes, dissenting shareholdings, and bankruptcies. Before selecting an expert witness or consultant, you should consider whether they have experience as an expert witness, what professional designations they hold, their continuing education in areas such as business valuations, and their reputation as a valuation analyst.

Divorce Litigation

In almost any personal or business divorce litigation with any substantial property, one of two services is likely required.  One is a business or asset valuation.   The other service is asset tracing and/or activity analysis.  Our staff has a deep experience in both fields.  Our firm completes over 100 divorce litigation engagements each year.

Trust & Estates Litigation

Often times, end of life planning, transitions and wealth transfer creates family feud and discord.  Sometimes, those disputes lead to litigation.  Our firm has a substantial experience in asset tracing, activity analysis, forensic accounting projects, and business valuations specific to Estate and Trust law disputes.

Economic Damages

Many types of litigation involves some component of economic damage analysis.  Often, this aspect of a case is both highly important and difficult to accurately quantify.  Our firm performs this kind of analysis on a regular basis.  Our staff have authored hundreds of reports and analyses as well as providing expert testimony to explain and defend this analysis in many cases across the Texas legal system.  This type of analysis is performed in many types of disputes, including:
•    Antitrust & Bankruptcy,
•    Class Action Disputes
•    Decimation,
•    Lost Earnings & Profits and Business Interruption Loss,
•    Personal Injury & Wrongful Death,
•    Malpractice,
•    Oil & Gas Royalty Disputes,
•    Insurance Claims & Product Liabilities,
•    Breach of Contract, Business Loss